Exclusive Excerpt of Upcoming Spinoff to HDU, Unwritten

I'm teaming up with April Jane to write a dual-perspective spinoff of HDU titled Unwritten.  The book features Connor, Liam's best friend, and a new protagonist.  And if you're looking for a little bit more Liam and Amanda - they'll be showing up as well! Check out at an exclusive excerpt at The Page Girls and sign up for The Page Girl's newsletter for reminders and announcements on my new projects and release dates!

New Website, New Titles, New Blog

Hello Readers!

Welcome to the new website.  I'll be doing most of my personal blog posts and updates here from now on.  My Blogspot will remain up for quick updates like with Twitter and Facebook, but the longer-form things will all be here.  So, to start - some announcements below:

  • I know a lot of you have asked for mailing lists and pre-orders to make it easier to remember the release date, so I wanted to start by apologizing for not getting to that sooner! Luckily, I've been working with some people who can help me in that department.  A handful of close friends and I have been blogging at The Page Girls (more on that later) which has a mailing list that will be handling my official announcements.  You can sign up on my contact page.  As for pre-orders, we will be experimenting with that... I'll keep you posted on our progress as it goes along.
  • So Hidden Gem has come to an end, but those who read the series know that every one of my books take place in the same world and no character is really ever gone forever.  I heard from many about the lack of an epilogue in the fifth book and I wanted to explain why that is.  While the series is over, Gemma and company will be living on in my new series, Tasteless (though they won't be in the forefront, they will be prominently featured). Tasteless will be dual perspective from the POVs of Rye, the youngest daughter of a big, formerly famous reality show family, and Sam, a popular celebrity chef known for his rebellious approach to just about everything.  I'll be putting out the official cover, blurb, and release date sometime this summer.
  • In the second half of this year, a character from HDU will be getting his own spinoff.  The currently untitled book will be featuring Connor, Liam's best friend.  An official title, blurb, and release date will be announced in the near future.
  • Along with these two books, I'm also working on a blog with a few of my close friends. The five of us consist of me, Cecily, April, Emily, and Jasmine.  We're all writers who went to school together and have since scattered (most of us are in New York, but there's also one in Los Angeles and one in Chicago).  We're all fans of romance, reading, writing, coffee, cocktails, and each other so we made The Page Girls - a blog to celebrate all that together! And we would love if you would join us.  You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or sign up for the mailing list on my contact page.  My current favorite post is Cecily's tutorial for a super-awesome, romance-inspired cotton candy cocktail.

That's it for now, but there will be lots more to come.  Really looking forward to getting all the new projects to all of you!

- India